Dream Factory

We like to think of TPD as a dream factory; an environment that encourages thinking outside of the box to promote our agency’s goals. What are those goals?

To be the safest city in America; to bridge the relational gap between the community and the police; to work smarter than harder through data led policing; to be transparent, accountable, and available to the public we serve; to give the public a different perspective by allowing an inside look at our lives behind the traffic stops and foot pursuits.

Part of our “outside the box” thinking is the use of social media. With our Social Media Strategy Playbook in hand, each post is strategically placed with the belief that it is a relationship builder, not just random “stuff”.

We hope to extend the relationship building, by creating an avenue for each Officer to tell their story. Now, the story could be why they became a cop, funny antidotes, and/or inspirational messages. Actually, the sky is the limit.

It will be real. It will be raw. It will be in their words. Follow us, and lets ignite a cultural revolution together.


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